A Word from your Doctor

Greetings! Wishing you peace during this tumultuous time.

This pandemic has been an unprecedented development in medical history. The first mistake that we could make is to underestimate the hazards and harm that this virus could bring forth. Alternatively, it would be almost as dangerous to allow ourselves to panic and act irrationally. This is still an early stage in the course of the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. As your physician, I would strongly advise you to attend to your medical needs before the pandemic is in full swing. Just as many of you are going to the grocery store to stock up on food and essential supplies, you should also plan ahead for your current and upcoming medical care. 

In order to meet those medical needs and deliver care to the best of my ability in a safe and professional manner, we will make telemedicine available to Medicare, Providence Health Plans, Tricare, Cigna, Regence, UnitedHealthcare, and Aetna patients. Telemedicine appointments allow for patients to conduct their office visit over the phone with Dr. Lee. If you are unsure if you are eligible for telemedicine visits, please call your insurance company to check if this option is available to you. To schedule your appointment, you must first call our office and let our receptionist know that you want to schedule a telephone visit.

For those patients who still require in-person visits, we will keep the office sanitized and secure. All routine visits will be conducted in the traditional manner. However, for any patient presenting with fever and respiratory symptoms, we will require that patients enter and exit the office through a separate entrance. In addition, we will also require that patients call the office first to speak to Dr. Lee directly before arriving for their appointment. Finally, we will designate a separate patient room with a full set of medical instruments and stagger sick patient visits in an effort to thoroughly and properly disinfect. Through taking these cautionary measures, we aim to minimize any chance of spreading disease. 

Lord willing, with patience and perseverance we can all make it through the difficulties and hardships this medical tribulation has brought upon us together. 

God Bless,

Dr. Lee and Care Team

About Dr. Lee


Dr. Lee is a board certified internist in Vancouver /Camas area specializing in adult  medicine.  He is currently affiliated with Portland Adventist Medical Center, Southwest Washington Medical Center and Legacy Hospital at Salmon Creek. 

Coronavirus Updates (Click here for more info)

 Protocol for David Lee's Office

     1. Policy begins March 16, 2020 for the COVID-19 virus

    2. Any patient with fever and respiratory symptoms such as cough or chest congestion will need to call the office first and speak to Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee will triage each case. The patient will either be referred to the ER or to drive up to the parking lot by the rear entrance and call our office
upon arrival. For high risk patients, Dr. Lee will then have the patient roll down the window and obtain the vitals and do a lung exam and then afterwards if necessary will get a nasal pharyngeal sample. Low risk patients will enter through the back door into the back exam room with the HEPA filter. 

    3. Front office staff will wipe down all door handles (front/back), and countertops every 90 minutes in the lobby, bathroom, and scale. 

    4. Back office staff will thoroughly disinfect the patient rooms every hour as well as after each patient with respiratory illness leaves the back patient room.

    5. Please click here for more information on COVID-19.


Meet Our Care Team


I've been a CMA for fifteen years. In my spare time I like walking, hiking, working in the yard, and going to the beach and being with my family.